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Project CAPSULA - XPLAB for ALMAG spa

Our Logo: The Octopus

We chose the Octopus as a logo in 1990, initially XPOLYPLUS was supposed to be called OCTOPUSSY but then we realized that the name was already in use. The choice was made in consideration of the extraordinary capabilities of this cephalopod, which represents an alternative way, chosen by the mechanism of evolution, to realize a mind. For those wishing to know more we recommend reading the book "Other Minds" by Peter Godfrey-Smith.
CAPSULA pulpito has beed inserted in ADI Design Index 2022

Since 1990 we deal with research and development in the field of software and of automation. The core technologies we have achieved:

- Real-Time operating systems: XPOLYPLUS;
- Programming languages: POWER-KI, PowerBerry;
- Input / output systems: Nexor I / O;
- Special computer: Janus, Menoventi.

The main fields in which we operate:
- The automation of the factory: control of machines, plants;
- Management of production and decision-making processes;
- Internet of Things (IoT);
- Web: App, Online services, Cloud, eCommerce;
- Environmental monitoring and laboratory instrumentation;
- financial and trading applications.

SOFTWARE is Design, DESIGN is Software

It all began in 1914 with the Fonderie F.lli Perani , which were responsible for important bronze statues made with the collaboration of the artists of the time and the most significant copies of the Vittoria Alata such as that of the Tonale pass. After the war it became one of the most important Italian foundries for the production of aluminum castings for industry, so much so that it was considered the University of Die-casting. In the early seventies, from the collaboration between the architect Achille Castiglioni and first Giuseppe and then Cesare A. Perani, the first design radiators were born, still unsurpassed today: TERMORADIANTE, RITMO and TERMORADIANTE HP.

XPLAB direct heir of this tradition, brings the concept of design as a founding element, in its software and hardware creations.