CAPSULA CURVE is the software developed by XPLAB for ALMAG spa, which makes the data acquired from the brass billet extrusion press meaningful.

2023-07-27 18:51:35

Machines and industrial plants in a 4.0 perspective generate masses of data that often, due to the lack of adequate interpretation and analysis tools, silently fill the Hard Discs.

One of the goals of the "CAPSULA" project was to provide operators, technicians, and maintainers with a powerful and easy-to-use tool.

CAPSULA CURVE is this type of software.

Among the numerous features:
- display of injection curves based on various criteria;
- press setting data;
- detailed analysis and evaluation of the press behavior.

Developed in POWER-KI thanks to Native Cloud technology, it can be used from multiple stations, although a specific console has been designed for the operator cabin.

You can find more information about the CAPSULA project in the thesis of Eng. Stefano A. Scandolo [CLICK]