Maker Faire Rome 2018 - from 12 to 14 October: PowerBerry and POWER-KI the IoT 4.0 platform to be tested with the assistance and direct support of XPLAB technicians.

2018-08-02 13:55:16

It is the most important manifestation on innovation. An event full of inventions and creativity, which celebrates the culture of "do-it-yourself" in the technological field. It is the place where makers, businesses and enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds meet to present their projects and share their knowledge and discoveries. It brings together technology enthusiasts, digital artisans, schools, universities, educators, hobbyists, research centers, artists, students and businesses. Everyone comes to show their creations and share their knowledge. Visitors come to Maker Faire to "glimpse" the future and find inspiration to become "Makers" themselves.
This year we will be there and we will be available to visitors to experiment on different platforms (PC, raspberryPI ..) PowerBerry and POWER-KI. We will organize introductory courses on programming with POWER-KI and laboratories on IOT sensors with PowerBerry.

Maker Fair Rome 2018 [LINK}