1918 2002

Achille Castiglioni (Designer)

- "Click".

1907 1998

Bruno Munari (Designer)

- in the essence of things lies the possibility of use.

1910 2002

Enrico Ragni (Painter)

- "Crooked lines, but straight".

1911 2002

Roberto Matta (Painter)

- you must look into the unknown.

1882 1916

Umberto Boccioni (Scuptor, Painter)

- the motion, fixed.

1881 1965

Carlo CarrĂ  (Painter)

- paint a mountain without seeing it.

1905 1995

Osvaldo Pugliese (Composer)

- the unexpected sound.

1883 1965

Morihei Ueshiba (AiKiDo founder)

- the force of harmony.

The Masters, who inspired us, who have taught us and some of which we had the good fortune to work. A great debt that we try to repay with activities aimed at training.